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2020 Westlake Winter Drumline



Phil Idell — Caption Head / Pit Instructor
Paul Curci - Battery Instructor
Mietron Shahbodaghloo - Tech
Aaron Talabucon - Tech


  • Jackson Bacon
  • Jude Royal
  • Chris Cariddi


  • Talia Marx
  • Jake Johanson

Bass Drum

  • Sam Gilli
  • Dani Vilari
  • Jacob Steinberger
  • Alex Castro
  • Giovanni Long


  • Faith Bursin
  • Ethan Gillis
  • Riley Hall
  • Dylan Hall
  • Adam Zilberman

Front Ensemble

  • Jacob You (Marimba)
  • Clayton Trent (Marimba)
  • Daniella Franco (Marimba)
  • Tommy Robinson (Marimba)
  • Sophie Santora (Vibes)
  • Maya Clark (Vibes)
  • Steven Yang (Vibes)
  • Dinuk Manikka Baduge (Vibes)
  • James Gereige (Xylo/Bells)
  • Rachel Haliwell (Aux)
  • Sarah McLane (Aux)
  • Lily Ross (Aux)
  • Celina You (Synth)
  • Ethan Farrelly (Synth)


Itineraries for all events will be posted in the Documents Section under Itineraries.


The Winter Drumline is a competitive percussion ensemble comprised of instruments traditionally used during Marching Band seasons. This is NOT an extension of the Marching Band, and is a separate ensemble for the Spring. The group is open to all students with basic musical ability to advanced percussion skills.



The Winter Drumline includes marching snares, tenors, basses, and cymbals, marimbas, vibes, xylo, piano (synths), electric guitar, electric bass, all auxiliary percussion, latin percussion, drum set, samplers, and electric triggers.


Auditions & Rehearsals:

This ensemble holds auditions in early December, and begins rehearsals shortly after. Rehearsals are held after school, three days a week, and taught by the Winter Drumline coaching staff. Students can Register for 8th period Winter Marching Band and receive PE credit for this ensemble.



The group attends five (5) comps, plus Championships, on Saturdays starting in mid-February and ending in early April. Comps are held in high school gyms across Southern California.  Each show lasts from 4-6 minutes in length. Drumline shows are custom designed by the WDL staff.  Design elements include; custom thematic costumes, custom painted floor, backdrops, original/arranged music, backdrops, show specific “samples” and drill (formations.)



Each WDL member will be measured and fitted with a custom uniform in early January. These uniforms are show specific and are designed with color, materials, texture and visual structure to go with and enhance the show theme.