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CHARMS is the online student database system we use to keep in constant contact with everyone, as well as update forms, track inventory, and several other important things that keep the WHSIMD running strong.  It is crucial that your information is kept constant, and, to make our lives easier, you have complete control of making sure that happens.

In order to use the CHARMS Database, you need to be in our system. 

The following instructions are your FIRST STEP to taking advantage of everything CHARMS has to offer.  Please read all information below before trying to register.  After you have read it, please click the link to be taken to the CHARMS Office website.

Registration/Account Access Information:

(click to download a hardcopy of the instructions)

Registering in the CHARMS Database for the first time:

  • Click on NEW MEMBERS - Self Register Link 
  • Enter your student's school ID number. they keep the same number throughout their time in CVUSD.
  • IMPORTANT! If your student is coming from a different school district and you do not know their Westlake ID number, OR if they are currently in the district and you don't know their ID number, please use their full name as their ID number and Mr. Ray will manually change it later (example: mattray)
  • Continue to fill out all of the registration information. For email and cell phone, please list the student's information. There will be an option for adults to provide their information on the next screen.
  • Entering Grade - please put the grade the student is currently in
  • Instrument/Part - list the main instrument the student plays
  • Click "REGISTER" to be taken to the next screen
  • click ADD NEW ADULT
  • Fill out the Adult/Parent information. You have the time-saving option to copy some of the student fields directly to the adult screen
  • Adult email - This is incredibly important! Email is our main source of communication
  • Driver license and Date of Birth are optional and are asked in case you will be riving other students to and from events. We need this information on file if that is ever the case. Feel free to leave this blank. You can update at a later time.
  • Click UPDATE (upper right corner) and go through the process again for any additional adults. 

Accessing your Information in the CHARMS Database After Registering

Questions/Forgot your password? - email Mr. Ray